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Welcome to Dragon Software!

What is Dragon Software?

Dragon Software is a two-man programming team that specializes in hard-to-play BASIC games. Ever play "Castle Adventure"? No? Good. Anyway, we were inspired by that somewhere around 8th grade, and we began programming. Mostly, we're working on the "X-Isle" series of "Rouge-like Games," available in our "Download" section. Recently, we began the dark journey into the land of C++, where the arcane inhabitants are always tailed by senseless semicolons. ;)

Who is Dragon Software?

Dragon Software is:

Dann Moreau & Mark Murphree, two senior English majors at Toccoa Falls College and Asbury College, respectively. We are the founders of, and original graduates of, "Mark and Dann's School of Spaghetti Progra [for rest of title goto page #4]" We are the only people we know of to have successfully completed all three of the original constituents of the Zork trilogy. Mark is now about halfway through Ulitma I. Anybody know who this kook "Lord British" is? He's not even in Britain! Dann is shamelessly giving his attention away to any brazen little game that flaunts a pixel his way. Anyway, we like to read: C. S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Dr. Seuss. Especially that last guy. Outdoorsy stuff is also cool, as are knives, guns, and things that explode. We recently hiked 15 miles of the Appalachian Trail. We got diarrhea. Never seemed to happen to Aragorn or Gandalf. Or even Sam. We also like to create characters using the GURPS character creation rules. We never get around to actual roleplaying, we only create characters. Sometimes one of us will GM for the other one as we try out our new 400-point combat monster in single combat with Dai Blackthorn. Dai, bless his heart, seldom wins.

Where is Dragon Software?

Beyond the mountains of the Moon and down the Valley of the Bear

Ride, boldly ride,

The shade replied,

If you seek for Dragon Software!

(Actually, we have our headquarters nestled safely beneath Cheyenne Mountain. Or Area 51. We've forgotten. They don't let us get out much.)

How can I join Dragon Software?

If you want to join Dragon Software, abandon all hope, because we don't want you! Only a loser would want to join us, and we're sick of losers. Okay you really want to join? Train the same way we train:

1. Acquire a 286 with a monochrome monitor

2. Use DOS 3.3

3. Learn GW-BASIC

4. Advance to QBASIC

5. Get a P-300 with UVGA monitor and 32Mb RAM and run all your old BASIC games Really Fast!!!

6. Get Borland C++ v4.5 and try to forget everything you've already learned up to this point.

7. Put off programming while you alternate playing "Jedi Knight" with "Ancient Domains of Mystery."

8. Interrupt your game playing with finals at school and annoying roommates who drop breadcrumbs in your keyboard.

9. Screw programming and put up a web page to distribute the games you haven't made yet. If you know someone who hates frames who might visit your web page, put up LOTS of frames. Snicker.

10. Finish our games for us and give us credit. Buy us lots of hardcover books that we don't have time to read. In general, kiss up as much as possible. If we slap you naked and hide your clothes, just say, "Thank you, sir, please, may I have another?" And we will say "Another what?" because you can only have your clothes slapped off once, and then you have to put more on before they can be slapped off again.

*. Please note: The views expressed here are not neccessarily those of Dragon Software or its members.

Our Games:

Now for the good stuff: our games. These are all copyrighted, but are shareware: that is, freely distributable. If you like them, send us money and we will make more. If you hate them, send us money and we will take down this stupid web page and take up fly fishing. If you feel lukewarm or mediocre about them, send us money and we will tell you what to think.

Munchman (BASIC only, may not work)

Enchanted Forest (BASIC only)

Russian Roulette

X-Isle (still in conversion from BASIC)

X-Isle II: DragonBane (forthcoming)

* The links are not up yet (as if you couldn't tell). Please bear with us, as we are lazy and don't really feel like putting them up just yet.